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TH-7DX - 7 ELEMNT, TRI-BAND, 10/15/20M

Hy-Gain | cód: TH-7DX

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TH-7DX, 7 element, broadband Tri-Band Beam for 10, 15, and 20 Meters. This amazing tri-bander, using a dual driven 7 - element system maintains a VSWR of less than 2:1 across all bands, including ALL of 10 Meters. No compromise on gain performance was needed to achieve this efficiency. A unique combination of trapped and monoband parasitic elements produces a front-to-back ratio of 27 dB. The antenna includes exclusive diecast aluminum, rugged boom-to-mast clamp, and heavy gauge element-to-boom brackets. Comes complete with BN-86 balun.
Hy-Gain beams are strong, light, have little wind resistance and last for years. The world-wide famous Hy-Gain antenna program consists of a series of mono-and multi-band beams, logarithmic-periodic antennas, verticals, wire antennas and a large number of accessories. Hy-Gain is some years since the MFJ group.
This antenna features the famous Hy-Gain Beta Match. Unlike such Fritzel and Mosley have Hygain multiband beams separated traps for 10 and 15m. This optimization is possible per tire.
Frequency: 14/21/28 Mhz
Number Of Elements: 7
Gain: 6.62 Dbd
Front / Back Ratio: 21 Db
Boom Length: 7.32 M
Reflector Length:9.45 M
Turning Circle: 6.10 M
Wind Load :0.87 M2
Mast Diameter :51-64 Mm
Balun: Not Included, Must Be Ordered Separately.
Max.  Power:1.5 Kw PEP
Weight: 34.02 Kg
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